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He's On Fire in a Nutshell. [Jun. 8th, 2006|10:12 pm]
He's On Fire
I'd like to take this time to introduce us.

We are a Mississippi based band by the name of He's On Fire. We put much feeling and emotion into our writing and playing. We will play anything. Anywhere. Any time. Especially bluegrass.

The members are myself ( Johnny F. Lightning )made_for_one, and Michael Double-you. dj_cheezewizard
I do the good majority of the lyric writing and the good majority of the singing. (O RLY?)
Double-you plays electric and acoustic guitar, and screws with our electrophonic beats.

We attended Junior High together, but didnt start any bands together until the high school years. He was in a few bands. I was in a few amusing bands here and there. We had a few bands together, but eventually everything destroyed itself.

Left standing atop the wreckage were myself and Double-you. We adopted the name He's On Fire, and have taken..well..fire, and the phoenix as representations of our band.

The phoenix is the meaning of our old bands fading/dying, and He's On Fire arising from the ashes. The greatest accomplishment of them all.

Our first song recorded was mere accident. Double-you was testing the equipment, and began plucking. I picked up the beat and freestyled a song about our friend, Gayguh. Who I now believe joined the military or something just as uncool.
From there, we exploded. We wrote. We freestyled. We jammed. We recorded. We spread the word.

Like a crazy yet seductively awesome bacteria we leapt from mouth to mouth, our names appearing in 8 seperate countries to this date. I suppose the name is more famous than the men. But we will catch up shortly.

We are willing to play anywhere. Our fame is forever spreading. We only improve with each new song. We are currently working on our debut album - The History of the Future.

Until then you can find us at:

Writing for He's On Fire,
Johnny F. Lightning
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