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hes_on_fire's Journal

He's On Fire
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He's On Fire started out as a dream...a really sweet dream.

Simply put, this is the greatest band you will ever come across in your short life. Johnny F. Lightning lost his rhyme and his flow for a short while. But he came across a lovely lady by the name of Eumi, and she inspired this lyrical genius to rock the mic again.

Michael Double-you, brought back to the way of the six-string by the persuasive Jessica, begain wailing on his mighty axe of rock like the days of yore.

His thunderous rock was heard across the lands, and the Lightning answered his call. There was no time delay. The Lightning strikes and the thunder roars all at once. He's on Fire has certainly taken the world by storm.

And it never ends.

Coming from a few different bands, and even a few different bands together, these guys knew how to rock. The formula just needed to be simplified. Two members was the answer. The name He's On Fire comes from old basketball games where...when doing really well and rocking in the extreme...you would become...on fire. And we all remember the announcer, "Hes oooon fire!"

And so they are.

Their first album, The History of the Future, is currently in the making.
Expect to see the finished result by 2007.

You can keep up with their music through www.myspace.com/hes0nfire and www.soundclick.com/hesonfire